Monday, February 19, 2018

3 Simple Ways to Make an Impact in Your Community

In today’s BusinessMinds  featured article we are going to discuss 3 simple ways you can make an impact in your community starting today.   

Do you want to make a difference?

Over the years I’ve met lots of people who want to make a difference. Interestingly, I’ve also met a significant number of people who want to make a difference but haven’t got the slightest clue as to how to make it happen. These individuals are sincere in their desire to do something meaningful but for one reason or another they haven’t been able to determine how to best use their talents.

Since starting my business a few years ago I have had the opportunity to meet extraordinary people who strive to make an impact on a global scale. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting amazing speakers who have stood center stage at sold out venues to deliver their message, acclaimed authors whose works have influenced readers around the globe, and leaders who have raised millions of dollars for community service projects.

We can probably agree that to do any of those things would be a crowning moment for any person. However, these acts of greatness are rare and usually only achieved by a few dedicated individuals after years of hard work.

But what does that mean for the rest of us?

Sure raising millions of dollars to build a new school is awe-inspiring but that’s not something we are all going to set out to accomplish.

If we’re unable to go big then does that mean we should simply give up and go home or is there another option?

As it turns out we can all make a difference and it only requires a modest amount of effort.  Napoleon Hill said, “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way,” which is a realistic approach we can all adopt.

Growing up my parents instilled the idea of being a good citizen and taking an active part in making our area a better place. We were a Scouting family and frequently took part in enrichment programs, local fundraisers, and clean up projects that benefited the community.  

Recently I did a Live Video Broadcast on Facebook discussing this topic. Originally the video was promoted only to people in my immediate area of northeastern Pennsylvania but because the video was made public it could be viewed by anyone on my friends list. And while the tags and references were intended for local businesses, the content was applicable regardless of location and many friends outside of my region chose to watch and engage with the discussion.  

Which brings us to today’s discussion, so no matter who you are and where you are located, you can take these 3 simple ideas and make an impact in your community. These items are easy-to-do and require very little effort. In fact, most can be done within minutes. 

3 Simple Ways to Make an Impact in Your Community

- Share your message. We all have a message. Share your message with friends and family, with new people you meet, and across social media platforms.
- Share a friend’s message. (Same as above.)
- Share news and info from businesses and organizations you respect.

- Get out in the world and meet new people. Expand your personal and professional network. Remember, your network is your net worth.
- Be a connector by introducing people who could benefit from knowing each other.
- Refer a business or professional to someone seeking those services.

- Buy goods and services from local businesses.
- Join local groups that enrich the community.
- Attend community run events.

[Original Live Video Broadcast]
“3 Simple Ways to Make an Impact in Northeastern Pennsylvania”

Now that you know how simple it is to make a positive impact in your community I want to challenge you to do at least one of these today. You already know that many of these can be done within minutes so who are you going to help right now?

Choose one of these action items to do right now and start making an impact in your community today!

Don't Be Another Collector

In today’s BusinessMinds  featured article you will learn to avoid a common mistake made by many professionals who begin with good intentions but end up going nowhere.  

Do you know this person?

The person who spends their free time hanging out at the book store or surfing online dropping large chunks of their paycheck buying up all the new best selling business, motivation, and self-help books they can find. This person has a personal collection that would make your local library blush with embarrassment. In fact, this person has so many books that you and I could spend a year combing through the titles and dedicate a considerable amount of time to reading these treasures and we’d barely scratch the surface.

However, there’s only one problem.

While this person has every title under the sun and can easily recite the synopsis found on the back cover, they can’t tell you anything else about the book because they never finished reading it. In fact, they haven’t read most of the books they own. And the ones they have read, they didn’t utilize the strategies found within. You see this person is a collector, much like one might collect stamps, butterflies, or baseball cards.

We recently discussed this topic at great length with the members of our book club. It’s not enough to simply have the latest New York Times Best Seller strategically placed on your nightstand in case you feel like reading it and the most acclaimed self-help book doesn’t benefit you at all leaving it to collect dust effectively downgrading it to shelf-help.

Believe it or not, you have to read those books. But more than just reading, it’s critical to apply what you’ve read, otherwise you might as well be reading some romance novel. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that genre if that’s your thing and you’re simply reading for pleasure. However, if you’re reading titles in business, self-help, motivation, finance, etc. then we can only assume that you’re looking for results.

That being said, you’ve got work to do. You have to read the book and apply what you’ve learned.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you Bankroll Your Mind and get better results with your next book:

BYM TIP 1: Read during your peak hours. You will retain information much better reading when you are fully awake and alert as opposed to reading when you’re tired from a long day of work or forcing yourself to finish those last few pages just before falling asleep. Yes this seems obvious, but remember, common sense isn’t always common practice.

BYM TIP 2: After each chapter list 3 key insights gained and briefly describe how each is beneficial to you. Here you’re actively engaging the material. You’re no longer an innocent bystander. Now you’re an active player by associating yourself in the learning.

BYM TIP 3: Explain how you’re going to use this to achieve a desired result. As we said earlier, there’s no sense in learning something if you’re not going to apply it. The Bankroll Your Mind system focuses on creating a life of purpose, prosperity, and joyful abundance. With each lesson, we task our clients with providing detailed feedback on how they will purposefully use the information gained to welcome prosperity and joyful abundance into their life. If this resonates with you then use it. If something else feels better then do that instead. But whatever your desired result, make sure you’re properly applying the information to achieve it!

Use these 3 tips to Bankroll Your Mind and get the results you want and deserve.

And if you’d like to connect with like-minded business leaders then join our exclusive book club. Find our Closed Facebook Group – “Bankroll Your Mind for Success” – and submit a request ticket to join. This is our exclusive members-only-club so make sure to fill out the three entry questions so we know you’re there for the right reason.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

How to Define Your Leadership Platform

In today’s BusinessMinds featured article you will learn 3 powerful strategies to define your leadership platform. So whether you’re currently in a position of authority or you aspire to be, these 3 powerful strategies are guaranteed to help you define your leadership platform and expand your influence.

Let's Get Started!

Leadership Tip #1: Empower others by sharing what you know
Think about the people around you. There are countless individuals who look to you for advice and turn to you for suggestions.

Not to mention the fact that there are many who quietly observe your behavior but maybe they're too timid to ask for help. Maybe they're currently going through some trial or tribulation that you've already overcome, yet they are embarrassed to ask for help.

Be observant and offer to assist. Don't simply tell someone what to do because this might bring resistance. Leaders offer suggestion and allow the person to do it themselves. This will empower them in the current situation and will boost their confidence for future obstacles. Plus, when you empower someone then you become their hero!

Leadership Tip #2: Be authentic
Be open, be genuine, and be who you really are. Nobody likes authority figures who wear masks or come off as fake. People aren't stupid and they can easily spot an imposter. You're an awesome person and others want to get to know the real you. Don’t be afraid to admit your flaws. After all, you’re only human. Show who you really are and people will love and respect you for it. So let it shine.

Leadership Tip #3: Collaboration is key
Stop trying to go it alone! You don't have to do it all yourself. When you do this then you only invite overwhelm, frustration, and exhaustion. Plus you'll begin to burn out and it'll be harder and harder to push forward.

Collaborate with like-minded individuals. Napoleon Hill frequently wrote about the 'mastermind' which is a group of individuals working together in unified harmony to achieve a common goal.

If you're an entrepreneur then make sure you hire the right people for the job. For example, I admit that when it comes to book marketing and publicity we didn't know much. That's why we chose the publishing house that we did - because they are awesome and committed to giving their clients the absolute best. 
It was because of their talents and hard work that Bankroll Your Mind was able to reach so many people and become an International #1 Best Seller in not just one but multiple categories. If it wasn’t for their strong marketing push we would never have been able to make as big of an impact as we made in such a short amount of time.

Collaboration is key. We believe this so much that we even dedicated an entire chapter to it. This chapter (#16 found in the Mastery section) not only goes into great depth explaining the benefits of proper collaboration but you get 2 detailed exercises so you can determine the right people to align yourself with professionally.

Surround yourself with the right people!
Right now I have a special gift for you. Whether you’re the CEO of a large corporation or a first generation small business owner, you know that top leadership skills and proper mindset are invaluable and necessary to succeed in business and life. And that’s why I’m giving you a copy of our International #1 Best Seller Bankroll Your Mind – Create Clarity, Focus and Mastery for a Lifetime of Unlimited Success – absolutely free!

It’s that simple
As always, if you need anything or want to contact me directly then just reach out. I am here for you.
Thanks and Be Excellent!

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