Sunday, October 27, 2013

Random Act of Kindness

Try this...

Today, while you're out and about during your daily adventures, display a Random Act of Kindness for someone you don't know. That's it, just display a single act of random kindness for someone you don't know, yet. If this is something you already do then display an additional act of kindness, or a third or a fourth. This act of goodness can be done anywhere and for anyone that you don't already know. Maybe it will be for an unknown co-worker or a stranger at the local grocery store. Maybe you'll choose to be kind to someone during a brief encounter at the gas station or coffee house, it's completely up to you. Maybe you won't even set out to do this act at a particular time and you'll recognize it mid-act or maybe you won't even realize it until the person acknowledges the kindness with an appreciative "thank you." Maybe you'll even surprise yourself with how many acts of kindness you can show in a single day.

See what happens and feel free to comment.

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