Saturday, May 10, 2014

When will you change?

Have you ever said this to yourself?Have you ever said, "I will change ______," but put if off for another day? Did that day ever come, and if so, how long after? By saying this, think about what you're really telling Your Self.
 Let's do a little experiment. Pick something that you've been putting off (it could be big or small), and write it on a piece of paper.
 Write, "I will change (insert  desired change) tomorrow."
 Read it to yourself and then fold up the paper and put it in your pocket or somewhere safe until tomorrow. 

Now when you wake up, unfold the piece of paper and read it again?

Is that change coming any sooner?

If you need more reassurance, just fold the paper up again, put it back in your pocket, and repeat the task on the following day. Keep repeating until the message is clear. 

Whats so special about tomorrow? What's stopping you from making the change today...or Now?

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