Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Excellence in the Community with business coach Marty Wolff

Greetings friends,

The main focus of this week’s column will be a video interview with business coach, professional speaker, and radio host – Marty Wolff. Initially I asked my friend and mentor Marty for a quick 10-minute interview for some basic comments on his upcoming presentation at my event RESOLUTIONS which will take place on Sunday, January 25th at the Hilton Scranton & Conference Center. But after an hour-long discussion off-camera followed by another 20 minutes on-camera, I decided this would be a great piece for my projected video series, Excellence in the Community.

Watch the video debut here on NEPA Scene and if you’re an entrepreneur or business professional, check out www.martywolffbusinesssolutions.com 
and learn how you can benefit from having Marty Wolff as your business coach.

RESOLUTIONS full announcement coming later this week!
For more information and to sign up for The Path Of Giving – ReSources for ReSolutions Gift-Away visit www.thepathofme.com
I created this program along with the help of many other local professionals to “gift-away” valuable resources, programs, products, exclusive services, and special discounts to all who register. My goal is to gift-away $10,000 worth of resources leading up to and directly following RESOLUTIONS.

Resolutions art by: Keith Perks | www.1120studios.com
Filmed at Lotus Pug Yoga Studio and Wellness Center www.lotuspug.com

*Due to an unforeseen glitch with the audio file from the handheld mic, the audio used is from the original camera recording.