Thursday, April 30, 2015

THE CHANGE: Co-author close-up of Michael E. Schmidlen

As you know, I was recently honored with an invitation to be a co-author in the international self-empowerment book series THE CHANGE, produced by Jim Britt and Jim Lutes. THE CHANGE is the fastest growing book series in the world and becoming a global movement of like-minded authors, coaches, trainers, speakers, and leaders. Each book provides insights into personal empowerment and is focused on growth, self-development, and making necessary positive life changes.

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The last few months have been an incredible experience of profound new learnings and wonderful connections with truly gifted people from around the globe. I’ve had the opportunity to build personal relationships with many of the co-authors and I’d like to use my blog to help share their message.

This entry will focus on Michael E. Schmidlen aka THE Underwear Entrepreneur; a Serial Solopreneur, Angel Investor, Published Author, Publisher of two business themed digital magazines, and Home-Based Business “Specialist” currently residing in Austin, Texas.

Rich Perry - Michael you’re a highly successful home-based entrepreneur, is this something you always desired to do?
Michael Schmidlen - My current career has been dictated by circumstance and opportunity, it wasn’t part of any grand plan on my part.

RP - What do you find most rewarding about your work?
MS - The long-term relationships I’ve been able to cultivate and maintain, I am truly a “Relationship Salesman.”

RP - In regards to your work, what are you most proud of?
MS - That ALL of my personal & professional accomplishments thus far have been as a result of hard work, patience & perseverance. I have a high school education, proving that ANYONE can achieve their definition of “success” if they are willing to pay the price.

RP - How far have you come in the last five years? How far do you plan to go in the next five years?
MS - The last 5 years have been a period of introspection and reinvention/redirection for me.  I had achieved a great deal of success and it wasn’t nearly as gratifying as I always assumed it would be. So now I’m moving forward with a new focus and understanding of what’s “important,” and quite frankly money isn’t that high on the list anymore!

RP - Do you have a key to your success? If so, can you share it with us?
MS - I have many, I guess the best one I can offer is that you need to be prepared to fail many times on your journey; some will be small, some will be medium failures and if you’re “lucky” some will be spectacular!  Learn from ALL of them!

RP - What is the title of your chapter and which book is it featured in?
MS - The Change Book 3, “THE Underwear Entrepreneur Asks You: Who Do YOU Listen to???”

RP - Can you give a brief description of your chapter, or simply, what you discuss in the chapter?
MS - The importance of continuing self-education, and having coaches and/or mentors.

RP - How did you feel (what was your experience) after receiving the invitation to be a co-author in The Change book series?
MS - Happy to be involved in the project, the first of 3 such collaborative projects this year for me.

RP - Since co-authoring The Change do you have any noteworthy achievements or experiences you’re most proud of?
MS - It’s only been a couple of months, so nothing noteworthy has occurred (yet!)…

RP - If you could give your 5-year-old self some advice, what would it be?
MS - Since I was 5 years old in 1964, I’m not sure that I could share any advice that would actually make sense J

RP - If you could give your college (or early 20’s) self some advice, what would it be?
MS - It’s a marathon, NOT a sprint.  Enjoy the journey!

RP - Do you have any programs or projects coming up?
MS - Many, some already in the works and others still being put together in various stages of development.  I believe that we ALL have many “opportunities” around us at all times.  The key is to decide where to focus your time, energy & attention.

RP - What motivates you to achieve?
MS - The belief that I can achieve literally anything that I put my mind to, regardless how bold or audacious it may seem or appear, based upon my own life experiences and confidence born of these same experiences.

RP - If your life story was made into a major movie, what would it be? And who would play your part?
MS - Depends on who you talk to J, my family has a number of nicknames for me that I’m personally not very fond of, but I can’t give them the satisfaction of knowing that…

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring Cleaning For Your Self and Life

Last week we discussed "Spring Cleaning For Your Mind," and after some really positive feedback I decided to continue this topic further. We primarily focused on thoughts, behaviors, and choices that have a negative impact on our lives, but what about poor and/or destructive relationships.

Relationships take many forms. Let's take the root word which is to relate, meaning to establish association or build connection. Who are the people you choose to establish association and connect with on a regular basis? We have relationships with family, friends, social circles, work affiliations, cultural, religious, community organizations, etc.

Take a moment to think about those first few circles: family, friends, social, and work. Who are the people that have a positive influence on your life, those that co-create a healthy and beneficial relationship? How do you help and serve them, and equally so, how do they add quality to your life?

Now, who are the people that have a negative impact on your life? Does your relationship with these people add stress, heartache, and mental fatigue to your well-being? Have these issues been addressed or are you working on making the situation better? Like many relationships, I'm sure it didn't start this way but over time things changed and the situation became sour and conflicted.

Just as we discussed throwing away thoughts, behaviors, and choices that no longer serve us, maybe it's time to get rid of unhealthy relationships. This IS NOT a blame game or a chance to point fingers. This IS NOT an opportunity to say "you failed (or ruined) the relationship" or a reason to bash the person publicly by announcing via social media that you're "moving on to better opportunities." Those behaviors are childish and usually reveal a great deal of insecurity, lack of self-worth, or need for attention by the person atop the soap-box.

For a giggle, go ahead and watch this video of HOW-NOT-TO handle the situation.

Remember, that was a great example of HOW-NOT-TO leave a relationship that doesn't serve you. So maybe you're wondering, "How do I leave relationships that are unhealthy?"

Let's remember the three steps from the previous article.

First - Recognize the unhealthy relationship
Using our metaphor of spring cleaning, you first have to recognize the junk that you want to throw away. So, how specifically is this relationship unhealthy? Can it be fixed? Is it worth saving? If so, are you willing to invest the time needed to resolve the issues and is the other person also willing to work towards resolving the issues?

If you decide to get rid of the relationship then move on to stage two.

Second - Give yourself permission to get rid of the relationship
Be an adult about the situation. This doesn't have to end in conflict or create a hostile environment. You can choose to leave amicably. Be respectful. At one time, this relationship was something that you wanted, but over time the circumstances changed. Have enough respect for yourself to say, "At one time I wanted (or thought I wanted) this relationship but it no longer serves me now." If it no longer serves you, makes you happy, adds fulfillment to your life, then take control of your choices and behaviors. You have to give yourself permission to move on.

Third - Follow through and move on
If it's an intimate relationship, give yourself the chance to find a new love. If friends, give yourself the opportunity to find new friends with similar interests. If work, maybe it's time to start the job search. Now maybe you'll notice that I left family for last. While I'm not suggesting to turn your back on family members, if a person is bringing unhealthy, unwanted, or negative events into your life then maybe you should create some distance. You need to do what is best and healthiest for you and your well-being.

Take control of your life by taking control of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and choices. Take control of your relationship with others as well as yourself.

As always, if this is something that you would like to discuss personally or if you have a question, please contact me directly:

Until next time, Thanks for reading and Be Excellent!

For further reading on social circles, check out The Company We Keep from my weekly mind & body column "Strength and Focus" on

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Cleaning For Your Mind

As the weather gets warmer we’ll all take part in that time-honored tradition of spring cleaning! Many of us will pick a weekend to reorganize storage space, throw away the crap that clutters our closets, and eliminate the junk that we no longer have any use for. Now as we begin to deposit this material stuff into our favorite circular filing cabinet so as to bring order into our space, is it also possible to do a little mental cleaning? What if we could get rid of old thoughts, behaviors, and choices that no longer serve us, so that we can become better and more productive versions of ourselves? Is that possible? And if, it is possible, is this something you’d gladly welcome into your life?

How many times have you found yourself thinking those thoughts that are unnecessary and unhealthy, displaying those behaviors that don’t bring results, or repeatedly making those choices that don’t benefit you? You know which ones I’m talking about; I’m talking about those thoughts/behaviors/choices that you don’t like to admit or recognize but keep bringing them around. You know they aren’t good and often bring negative consequences, yet you keep them nearby just like the junk in your closet and storage space.

            “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

And if you have an opportunity to throw away these old thoughts, behaviors, and choices that no longer serve you and your higher purpose then why don’t you? Is it as simple and easy as it sounds? It could be, if you seriously want to get rid of them.  How simple is it to throw away the junk in your closet? It could be just as easy!

Like throwing away garbage that you no longer want, the action is preceded by two important qualifiers.

            First – You must recognize the rubbish

Why do you have to recognize it, because junk is junk right? Well, have you ever watched an episode of Hoarders? Now this may be an extreme comparison but let’s be honest, if you wanted to get ride of those things then you would have done so a long time ago. So again, you must recognize the rubbish.

            Second – You must give yourself permission to get rid of it

It’s no one else’s decision or responsibility but your own. Just as Hoarders features professionals and family members to assist with the process, you too may choose to enlist professional and/or caring support, but unlike the TV program, your garbage is internal therefore the majority of the work must be done by you. It’s your choice so give yourself permission to start fresh. You deserve it.

* Start Fresh clip – taken from “Walk Your Path” presentation. Recorded during the INSPIRE U Series *

            Now – Follow through and throw it away

Do we need to go into detail here? Throw it away!

As an empowerment coach this is my line of work, so if you’re still having difficultly in this particular area then contact me directly – and let’s do some spring cleaning. I have complete respect for everyone I work with and absolutely no respect for your problems, and nothing would please me more than to help you make the life changes you want and deserve.

Until next time, thanks and be excellent!