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THE CHANGE: Co-author close-up of Tom Kavanaugh

As you know, I was recently honored with an invitation to be a co-author in the international self-empowerment book series THE CHANGE, produced by Jim Britt and Jim Lutes. THE CHANGE is the fastest growing book series in the world and becoming a global movement of like-minded authors, coaches, trainers, speakers, and leaders. Each book provides insights into personal empowerment and is focused on growth, self-development, and making necessary positive life changes.

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The last few months have been an incredible experience of profound new learnings and wonderful connections with truly gifted people from around the globe. I’ve had the opportunity to build personal relationships with many of the co-authors and I’d like to use my blog to help share their message.

This entry will focus on Tom Kavanaugh, a Master Trainer and Instructor from Ventura, California. His credentials include: Licensed Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant, Switched On Golf Instructor/ Consultant, Master PhotoReading Instructor, Master Trainer of Mind Mapping, and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Rich Perry – Tom I know you offer a variety of specialty programs with your company New Training Strategies. Can you list some of the trainings you teach and do you specialize in any particular area?
Tom Kavanaugh -
1.     I teach Accelerated Learning Programs in:
a.     Mind Mapping
b.     PhotoReading Whole Mind System
c.      Genius Code
d.     Abundance For Life
e.     Manifesting Your Future
f.      NLP Practitioner Level
g.     NLP Master Practitioner Level
h.     Brain Gym (Educational Kinesiology)
i.       Switched On Golf
2.     My specialty is a protocol for releasing the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress in War Veterans, First Responders and Trauma Survivors

RP – Is this something you always desired to do?
TK – No.

RP – What did you do in a former life?
TK – I spent 26 years in the automobile industry.

RP – How did you transition from the automobile industry to your current career path?
TK – An NLP Coach was brought in to deliver a sales training, and amazed with this new knowledge I decided that I had to learn as much as possible.

RP – What do you find most rewarding about your work? 
TK – Being the first to witness a person’s personal transformation.

RP – In regards to your work, what are you most proud of?
TK – Developing “The R.E.L.E.A.S.E. Method,” a protocol for releasing the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress in War Veterans, First Responders and Trauma Survivors.

            *Please note the closing comment

RP – How far have you come in the last five years? How far do you plan to go in the next five years?
TK – In the last five years I emerged from complete financial ruin to create and build my company New Training Strategies.
My goal is to make New Training Strategies the training ground of an Institute for creating the Gold Standard in Trauma Release.

RP – Do you have a key to your success? If so, can you share it with us?
TK – Yes. Follow the six steps from my chapter in the book:
a.     Write out your challenge
b.     Goals established in S.M.A.R.T. Goal process
c.      Focus on a plan
d.     Educate yourself
e.     Follow a daily routine
f.      Learn to make decisions

RP – What is the title of your chapter and which book is it featured in?
TK – The title of my chapter is “Breakthrough to Freedom,” and it is featured in THE CHANGE Book 4 of the series.

RP – Can you give a brief description of your chapter, or simply, what you discuss in the chapter?
TK – Most of what I discuss are the life-long challenges, which I learned to overcome and that led me to create the six steps of “Breakthrough to Freedom.”

RP – How did you feel (what was your experience) after receiving the invitation to be a co-author in THE CHANGE book series?
TK – At first, my initial feeling was not realizing how other people might relate to some of my learning challenges, or how I overcame financial ruin to move forward and create my own company.

RP – Since co-authoring THE CHANGE do you have any noteworthy achievements or experiences you’re most proud of?
TK – This experience has motivated me to begin writing a book of my own.

RP – If you could give your 5-year-old self some advice, what would it be?
TK – Find a good role model and pay attention to their suggestions.

RP – If you could give your college (or early 20’s) self some advice, what would it be?
TK – Become masterful at these two processes:
            Setting and achieving goals
            Making decisions

RP – Do you have any programs or projects coming up?
TK – Yes. Teaching my seminars, writing my first book, and collaborating to produce a video series for the Switched On Golf Program

RP – What motivates you to achieve?
TK – I’ve got a list of big goals that I want to achieve!

RP – If your life story was made into a major movie, what would it be? And who would play your part?
TK – It would be a movie about someone who received a message to help people affected by trauma by teaching them how to release the effects, become self-empowered, and move on to lead successful lives.  Bruce Willis would play the role.

RP – Do you have any closing remarks?
TK – The fate of a Nation is determined by how well they treat their Veterans.  In my opinion the greatest “Thanks” we can give our Veterans is to provide a process for them to overcome exposure to the tragedies of war. 
This is also true for the civilian survivors of war-torn countries, and the First Responders who care for them.   

Contact Tom Kavanaugh for information on training, coaching, and programs directly by phone or through his website.

Tom Kavanaugh

You can also connect with him on social media.

LinkedIn:        Tom_Kavanaugh

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