Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Walk Your Path

Today’s Strength and Focus piece is going to be a little different. Over the past few months, as a writer for NEPA Scene, I’ve had the opportunity to interview some really phenomenal people. Well today I’m in the hot seat!

This morning I was interviewed on The Mike Calderwood Show through Google Hangouts and streamed live on YouTube. Mike Calderwood is a successful business coach, best-selling author, and radio & podcast host living in Katy, Texas. He hosts a few radio and podcast shows, each focused on providing quality information, insights, and valuable resources to the listeners along with helping entrepreneurs and business leaders produce the results they desire.

Today’s topic was my coaching brand 
The Path Of Me and the Walk Your Path  personal development program, which focuses on helping the person to determine their individual path and more specifically, how they are going to achieve their goal.

Check out the full podcast here:

If you are an entrepreneur or business leader then I highly recommend tuning in to Mike’s weekly podcasts which can be accessed via his website and be sure to sign up to receive a FREE report, “What Every Business Leader Needs To Know” which is an exclusive gift found only on his website.

As always, if you would like more information on coaching services, please visit www.thepathofme.com or contact me directly Rich@thepathofme.com

In closing, I’d like to once again thank Mike Calderwood for inviting me as an expert guest on his show, and Thank YOU for reading (and watching) this week’s Strength and Focus special feature.  

Enjoy Your Week and Be Excellent!

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