Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Workshop Wednesday Interview with Tony Gambone. Featured guest Rich Perry

Check out this recent interview on Workshop Wednesday from Tough Talk Radio Network with show host Tony Gambone.

Tony Gambone is the owner of Tough Talk Radio Network, Radio Show Host, Author, and Business Consultant from Houston, Texas.

The Tough Talk Radio Network offers a platform for business owners, authors, speakers, experts, trainers, teachers, and professionals to improve growth and visibility by sharing their message with the world. (Taken from TTRN website)

This interview focuses on me as a person, as a professional coach, and having a positive impact on the local community. 

In this episode you'll learn how:

- Personal Development Coaching can Benefit and Improve Your Professional Career
- Qualify and Hire the Best Coach for You
- Visualize and Set Effective Goals

You'll also learn about:

- The Path Of Me Coaching Brand

My Interview Segment Begins at minute marker: 39:00
Workshop Wednesday on Tough Talk Radio Network 

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