Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Change Book Radio Show with Deb Crowe

I was recently featured on “The Change Book Radio Show” with Deb Crowe. *

The Change – Insights into Self-Empowerment is the fastest growing book series in the world focusing on self-empowerment, personal development, and life transformation. The book series was created by Jim Britt and Jim Lutes and features top coaches, speakers, leaders, and experts from around the globe. At the moment, The Change includes 200+ authors and has reached 22+ countries.

Deb Crowe is a Work, Life, Balance Specialist and Mentor; BlogTalk Radio Show Host, Author, Speaker, and Blogger from London, Ontario, Canada. Her chapter, “Work-Life Balance Seen Through the Eyes of a Renaissance Woman,” can be found in book 5 of The Change book series.

In this interview we discuss:

- Finding your purpose in life
- Learning the “right way” to do things from a mentor
- How collaboration is critical for massive growth
- How to utilize your talents and inspire others

Click here to listen 

This radio show also features co-author Michael Schmidlen, a serial solo entrepreneur who has successfully ran his multi-million dollar home-based business for over 20 years.

Keep listening to learn more about Michael and his business, and then read this

*I thought I published this blog weeks ago but mistakenly left it in the draft folder; my apologies for human error.

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