Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stop Villainous Thoughts

FUN FACT: You're a professional.
(That means you get paid to do something for a living)

Since you're reading this right now on my blog, I assume that you're also someone who is not only interested but driven to perform to the best of your ability, actively seeking new perspectives and valuable tools to enhance your performance. Maybe you're even someone that is motivated to be a rockstar in your field, a top performer with superhero qualities!

Whether you desire that superhero status or not is up to you but at least we can agree that you want to be a better and more productive professional in your field. Let's also agree that aside from being a professional, you're also a person, and as a person you have flaws, weaknesses, and possibly fears that hold you back. Perhaps you've also gotten into your own head a few times and thought or spoken negatively about yourself.

When you think/talk to yourself, you are engaging in Self-Talk. We all talk to ourselves, it's perfectly natural. Self-Talk is simply the thoughts and words that we say to and about ourselves.

Knowing that we all talk to ourselves, let me ask you this: does your self-talk take on superhero qualities (positive, serving, and moving you towards greatness) or villainous qualities (negative, destructive, and self-sabotaging)? In other words, do you speak highly of yourself and motivate yourself to achieve or do you doubt your abilities and put yourself down?

Watch this POWER TALK video and we'll discuss this further plus I'll show you an easy exercise that you can use to monitor and improve your self-talk.

My sincere hopes that this article and daily exercise serve you well in monitoring and improving your self-talk to enhance your professional performance and most importantly your personal well-being.

To your success and superhero self, 
Thanks and Be Excellent!

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