Friday, July 8, 2016

The Key to Getting What You Want

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We all want something. Maybe you have a personal desire or want to advance in your career. Maybe you want to make improvements in health and wellness or you want to find that special person so you can build a life together. Whatever it is, this is something you desire and we’re going to discuss what it takes to get exactly what you want. 

The key to getting what you want starts with developing the right mindset and before you work towards developing this right mindset you must be a person of honest intention. You must be honest with yourself in acknowledging what you want and be crystal clear with this desire. Could you totally visualize what you want and honestly describe it to friends so that they too could picture in the mind. Essentially, does this desire have the properties of a vague two-dimensional image or does it have the properties of a living breathing entity with colors, sounds, and accompanying feelings?

Start here with honesty. If your desire does have these living qualities then you’re ready to move on to the next step. If not, perhaps you should go back to the drawing board and take a good honest look at what it is that you said you wanted.

The next step, you should know why you want it. Why is this thing so important to you in the first place? Is this desire self created and initiated from your conscious longing or is it something that was put on you by someone else? In other words, do you really want this thing by your own conscious choosing or did someone else tell you that you should want it? Remember, to be honest with your response. YOU SHOULD BE THE #1 PERSON IN YOUR LIFE. Do the things that make you a better, happier, healthier, and more successful person. You live your life according to what’s right for you and let other people live their life according to what’s right for them.

If you’re having difficulty determining how important it is then rank it on a scale of 1-10, with one being the lowest and ten being the highest. You could also put a dollar amount on it. Imagine walking into a store and seeing your desire on the shelf for purchase. How much would you expect to pay for this item? If the item ranks low or can be purchased with pocket money then this isn’t a really important want or need. However, if it ranks ten (or higher) and the item is locked away behind a glass case then it’s certainly something worthy of special attention and energy.

As you move forward in getting what you want, you should also be aware of whether your words and actions are congruent. Do your actions match your words and are they aligned to truly achieve the anticipated outcome? If your mouth says beach body but your actions say couch potato then you are incongruent, which will bring extreme difficulty and you’re sure to struggle in getting what you want. Don’t be a hypocrite or self-sabotage your efforts. Make sure your words and actions match and are aligned to propel you forward to get exactly what you want.

Lastly, be confident that you are worthy to have this thing. When you start with honesty, have clarity with what you want and why it’s important, and by matching your words and actions you’ll be free of internal barriers like guilt and self-doubt regarding worthiness. You’ll be able to respond with full confidence: “YES, I DESERVE THIS” and you’ll move forward easily and effortlessly to get it.

I hope this Power Talk  has served you well and will be beneficial to your future success.

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