Tuesday, December 13, 2016

12 Days of Gifting - Day 2

Today’s Gift: Unlock Your Power

12 Days of Gifting continues and today is Day 2! For 12 days I’ll be getting into the holiday spirit by giving gifts to leaders like you! That's it. No sales pitch or up-sell. It’s just one person offering cheerful service to another.

Today's Gift is for a conscious minded entrepreneur who just started a first-time business within the last year.

You have a passion for helping others and you had a dream to start a business that would not only benefit those around you, but also create a positive impact in the world. Your mission is to serve and inspire others to realize their own greatness.

In the beginning stages of this entrepreneurial pursuit you felt unstoppable, but eventually things began to plateau and reality set in. All of a sudden obstacles began popping up around every corner and doubts started to surface. Whether these fears were born from within or adopted by listening to naysaying from those nearby, you began to question your talents and wonder if you had the ability to succeed.

But what if you could discover your key strengths and tap into pure hidden potential, unlocking the divine power that we all have to overcome any and all obstacles that stand before you and take total control of your business and life?

This is where I can help you.

When we work together, I’ll show you how to walk your talk with purpose and power so that you fulfill your dreams of making a real difference for self, family, and in the world.

It's time to step up and take action!

Contact me here and tell me in 200 words how 'unlocking your power' will enable you to be of greater service to others. Essentially, how will this gift help you to, in turn, help others?

Gift Value: $500 in services.

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