Monday, December 19, 2016

12 Days of Gifting - Day 8

Today’s Gift: Peaceful Mind for a Joyous Holiday
(Gift Value: $500 in services)  

12 Days of Gifting continues and today is Day 8! For 12 days I’ll be getting into the holiday spirit by giving gifts to leaders like you! That's it. No sales pitch or up-sell. It’s just one person offering cheerful service to another.

Today's Gift is for a new entrepreneur or emerging leader who wants to learn effective strategies for quieting the mind and reducing stress.

As a business leader you have a lot going on with important decisions that must be made. Others are counting on you at all times and the future of your business depends on how you execute each day. You have enormous responsibilities, which no doubt makes your day 10x more stressful than that of most family members and some of your closest friends. You know this. That’s what you signed up for!

But you’re also a person and wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy this holiday season without having to stress yourself out? Wouldn’t it be great to spend quality time with those you love without having to sneak away to answer emails, schedule conference calls, or worse get caught up at the office and miss the fun?

What if you could learn a few simple strategies that will absolutely reduce stress levels to make the holidays more enjoyable? And, what if you could carry these strategies into the New Year, creating a brand new YOU with a peaceful mind, productive work environment, and ultimately a more enriching life?

This is where I can help you.

When we work together, I’ll show you a few simple strategies that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine to quiet the noise and reduce stress levels. You’ll also get a few exercises and MP3 for continued learning.

It's time to step up and take action!

Contact me here and tell me in 200 words how 'creating a peaceful mind' will enable you to be of greater service to others. Essentially, how will this gift help you to, in turn, help others?

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