Tuesday, December 20, 2016

12 Days of Gifting - Day 9

Today’s Gift: Leave a Lasting First Impression
(Gift Value: $500 in services)  

12 Days of Gifting continues and today is Day 9! For 12 days I’ll be getting into the holiday spirit by giving gifts to leaders like you! That's it. No sales pitch or up-sell. It’s just one person offering cheerful service to another.

Today's Gift is for a new entrepreneur or emerging leader who wants to learn effective strategies for leaving lasting impressions with new connections and prospective clients.

Did you know it takes only a split second to make an initial judgment about someone and less than ten seconds to establish whether you like the person and want to continue listening to what he/she has to say?

As an entrepreneur and/or leader you understand that business is built on making great connections and ultimately creating strong relationships. You realize the importance of having a supportive network and you want clients and customers who are loyal to your brand. And just like building a brick and mortar establishment, building a strong business relationship takes time and effort.

However, it’s next to impossible to build those long-term relationships if you don’t quickly establish a positive first impression. You only have a handful of seconds to make it count. Are you confident in your ability to establish immediate rapport with those you meet?

This is where I can help you.

When we work together, I’ll show you a few simple strategies that will help you leave lasting first impressions. You’ll learn how to get people to like you while operating with full integrity.

It's time to step up and take action!

Contact me here and tell me in 200 words how 'leaving a lasting first impression' will enable you to be of greater service to others. Essentially, how will this gift help you to, in turn, help others?  

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