Saturday, June 24, 2017

Is it a bad time...

Have you ever been in a slump, funk, or downright dumps?   
Recently I was talking with someone who was having one of those days. But as it turned out, this was more than just a bad case of the Mondays. He had been down in the dumps for a few months and stated that something had to change soon because he didn't feel like himself any more.

(Please note, this wasn't a client. He was simply someone I had met and was having a conversation with.)

Through the course of our conversation he cited multiple bad turns he had made and the negative results they brought. He talked about his failing relationships with friends and loved ones and the mental & emotional disconnect he felt. And he said that he frequently felt disappointed in himself and feared that he was doomed to live in this dark space for the rest of his existence. (His words, not mine. I know, it was a pretty depressing conversation.)

All I did so far was listen.

Once he had completely emptied himself and had nothing left, I decided to chime in.

"What are you doing to change your circumstances?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" he responded.

"What are you doing to change your circumstances? I repeated.

"I don't follow what you mean" he said.

"I mean, are you seeking help... Reading any books for ideas to change... Are you making any changes in behavior choices and habits... Are you consciously making better decisions to get better results... What are YOU doing to change your circumstances?" I emphasized.

Now, what do you think his response was?!

He said that he really didn't have the finances to get professional help and didn't know where to begin with changing his behaviors.

By chance, I had a copy of my book, Bankroll Your Mind, on me and offered to give it to him as long as he promised to read it and apply the exercises. I didn't try to sell him my book, I offered it to him, however I made the stipulation that he would have to promise that he would read it and do the exercises described throughout the book. After all, I was offering to give him a book of powerful strategies and insights - not a beer coaster or paper weight.

What do you think happened next?

Well, he didn't take the book. He thanked me for my generosity but said it was "just a bad time" and he wouldn't have any spare time to read the book and use the strategies because of his busy schedule.


Now I didn't press the issue because I had to get going but it was pretty clear that this guy really didn't want to change his life around for the better. He was settled into the sad story he had just finished telling and wasn't planning on leaving anytime soon.

Don't get it twisted. This has nothing to do with whether or not my book would help him solve his problems. This guy had an opportunity to start making changes and getting his life back on course.

BUT he refused because he sold himself on the idea that it wasn't a good time.


Coming from someone who's been down in the muck


You're too busy & stressed out
Your finances aren't in order
It's just not a good time for anything new


Because, if you had the luxury of time to do whatever you wanted or you had financial freedom to buy all those extras you always wanted or life was just good and you were secure with your place in life then what the hell would you want to change?!?!
You don't desire change when life is great. You don't look for a personal development program when you're on Cloud-9, and you don't seek the services of an expert coach when everything is hunky dory.

It's time for a change when you can't take the S#!T anymore. It's time for a change when the internal pain is too much to bear. It's time for a change when you've said enough is enough already.

If this hit home and you're ready to step up and take action then I'd love to schedule time to speak with you.

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Thanks and Be Excellent!   Rich

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